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Three Things to Consider When Designing Your Wedding Invitations

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Planning a wedding is a fun and exciting experience that comes with a lot of intricate details that must be taken into consideration. One area that often creates stress in the planning process is the design of the wedding invitations. The wedding invitations serve as the first glimpse guests will get into your wedding so that they have to be perfect. The guide below walks you through a few things to consider when designing your perfect wedding invitations. Read More»

Important Questions To Ask When Renting Tables And Chairs For An Event

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When you’re planning any type of gathering for a large group, whether it’s a wedding or a family reunion, the right tables and chairs will help keep your guests comfortable while they’re eating or enjoying the entertainment. With many party planning organizations in your city, you’ll often have numerous options when it comes to finding the right tables and chairs for the look of your event and for your budget. If you have enough time during the planning phase, take the opportunity to visit a couple businesses to not only look at the available tables and chairs and their respective coverings, but also ask questions to keep informed. Read More»

Need Party Decoration Ideas? Try Balloons For A Festive Touch

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If you’re looking for a fun way to decorate for a party, then think about using balloons. They come in all colors and shapes, so you are only limited to your imagination when deciding how to use them. A balloon delivery company can help you choose the best arrangements for your party and set them up for you, or you can do all the work yourself if you’re on a tight budget. Read More»

Last Minute First Impressions: How Your Outdoor Furniture (Or Lack Thereof!) Makes A Difference With Guests

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It is understandable, when you have last minute company notify you that they are stopping by, that you head into panic mode. For some people this means a house that is such a wreck there is no place for anyone to sit down, but if you also do not have patio furniture, you cannot really ask your guests to sit outside either. In fact, if you find that you are suddenly lacking proper furniture for your guests to sit on, you might be leaving your guests with an unpleasant first impression of you and your home. Read More»

Party Attractions For Your Kid's Outdoor Birthday Party

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If you’re planning an outdoor birthday party for your kid, then you will want to think about attractions. If you want to make your kid’s birthday party unique and memorable, then this list will help you out. There’s nothing wrong with party balloons and a picnic table covered in a fun birthday themed tablecloth, but sometimes you want to go all out. This list is for those occasions.   The list will be separated into two age groups. Read More»

Increasing The Fun On Inflatable Water Slides

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Renting an inflatable bounce water slide for your next child-themed event can give kids hours of entertainment, but is it possible to make the bouncy water slide even more fun? Yes, it sure is! Think about some games that can be played on the water slide. Below, you will find one good example of water slide games that kids of all ages can enjoy. Capture the Flag This game can be played one of two ways – as teams or as individuals. Read More»

Tips And Ideas For A Fall Harvest Party Baby Shower

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Autumn is the perfect time to welcome a new baby in the family, so why not plan a harvest-inspired baby shower for the mom-to-be? You can catch the spirit of the season whether you host the celebration indoors or outside by using a few of these tips. Invitations to Set the Mood The invitations are the first hint your guests have about the party mood, so make sure they reflect your shower theme. Read More»

Secrets Of Planning A Successful Military Reunion Cruise

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The bond created during military service is a bond that lasts forever. It’s common for people remain close friends after serving together, or at the very least attend an annual military reunion. Because former military families are often spread out all over the country, it’s common for military reunions to be held in cities that are popular vacation destinations. But, choosing a destination, booking a hotel, and planning an itinerary takes a lot of work. Read More»