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Last Minute First Impressions: How Your Outdoor Furniture (Or Lack Thereof!) Makes A Difference With Guests

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It is understandable, when you have last minute company notify you that they are stopping by, that you head into panic mode. For some people this means a house that is such a wreck there is no place for anyone to sit down, but if you also do not have patio furniture, you cannot really ask your guests to sit outside either. In fact, if you find that you are suddenly lacking proper furniture for your guests to sit on, you might be leaving your guests with an unpleasant first impression of you and your home. Never fear--there are a few options to help you make a good first impression at the last minute, and have your guests enjoy your outdoor receiving area.

Discount Patio Furniture

Halfway through the summer, patio furniture everywhere becomes excess that inventory retailers need to liquidate before the back-to-school season. If your last minute "party" outdoors occurs in the last two weeks of July through Labor Day, you can expect to save a lot of money buying really cheap patio furniture. Just be sure that the furniture you buy on clearance and drastically discounted prices is not cheaply made or mismatched, as it will make it seem as though you threw your patio together at the last minute. (Even though that is what actually happened, you do not want to let on that you were unprepared to receive your guests.)

Outdoor Furniture Rental

Party-planning stores are thrilled to help people out of sticky situations like yours. They have lots of chairs and tables you can rent, and for a small upcharge, it can be really decorative and attractive furniture too. For what it costs you in food to grill for your last minute get together, you can rent a handsome patio set that will impress your guests, and when they have left, you can take it all back. That is definitely something you cannot do when you buy clearance or discounted patio furniture, because retail chains do not want it back after the season is over.

If You Need Help

It is okay--not everybody has mad decorating skills, and even the most calm party planners feel the pressure at the last minute. You can ask someone in the seasonal furniture department or the patio rental department for help, especially if you need more than just a table-and-chairs set and want something with a little more flair. Party rental and outdoor furniture rental stores may have party planners who can help you select something.