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Party Attractions For Your Kid's Outdoor Birthday Party

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If you're planning an outdoor birthday party for your kid, then you will want to think about attractions. If you want to make your kid's birthday party unique and memorable, then this list will help you out. There's nothing wrong with party balloons and a picnic table covered in a fun birthday themed tablecloth, but sometimes you want to go all out. This list is for those occasions.  

The list will be separated into two age groups. The first will be for young kids, everyone under 10 years old. The second list will be geared for older kids. It's important to choose age appropriate attractions. For instance, you wouldn't bring a pony to a 16-year-old's party would you?

Attractions For Kids 10 And Under


A pony is one of the coolest things you can get for your kids birthday party. You can hire a person to bring their pony to your backyard. They will even let the children ride the pony. This attraction also has the benefit of being educational. The person who owns ponies will, if you want, give a little talk about the horse. They can speak about their diet, why they are small, and their history as a workhorse.


If you're not too keen about having a real life horse in your yard, then think about getting a carousel. You can get a small carousel. These are miniature versions of the types you might see at a large carnival. While many have the classic horse statues, you can also find other versions that have chariots.

Bouncy House

A bouncy house is tons of fun. You might have seen them at the playroom in a really well equipped fast food restaurant. They also have them at county fairs. The idea is simple: a room in which kids can go in a jump around and fall down and not get hurt.

These houses are inflatable. They come in all sorts of shapes. The company who brings the bouncy house will inflate it in your backyard. You can tell them the size of your yard ahead of time to make sure that you will have room.

Attractions For Kids 10 And Older

Inflatable Water Slide

This is a really cool attraction that brings the water park into your backyard. If that party is going to be in the summer, then this is the perfect attraction to get. The only thing you need to supply is an outdoor outlet for a garden house, everything else will be provided by the water slide rental company.  Here is how it is assembled.

A tarp is laid down. The water slide is then placed on top of the tarp. The bottom tarp is used as a "foundation". When the kids come sliding off the slide they walk on the bottom tarp and back to the rear steps. This prevents your lawn from getting all dug up.

The water slide is then inflated in place. The company will have air compressors to do this. Once it is inflated, it will be shifted so that it sits perfectly on the tarp.

The final part involves the water. The company setting up the slide will hook up a long garden hose to your homes outdoor water outlet. They will then turn on the water. The hose is connected to the top of the slide. It pours the water down from the top and creates the running water effect on the slide.

Gladiator Joust

This is the perfect companion to the water slide. It is great for older teens. The design mimics those jousting competitions they will have seen on television shows.

The inflatable joust is similar to the inflatable water slide, except it involves multiple inflation's. The first one is the "ring". This is a large square with raised edges. Inside of the large square there will be two pieces of Velcro. Two small inflatable circles will be inflated and attached to the Velcro. This will be the podium for the two jousters. The company will also provided padded lances.