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Increasing The Fun On Inflatable Water Slides

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Renting an inflatable bounce water slide for your next child-themed event can give kids hours of entertainment, but is it possible to make the bouncy water slide even more fun? Yes, it sure is! Think about some games that can be played on the water slide. Below, you will find one good example of water slide games that kids of all ages can enjoy.

Capture the Flag

This game can be played one of two ways – as teams or as individuals. If you want to play as teams, you will need two colors of plastic streamers. If you want to play as individuals, only one color is needed.

Cut the streamers into 18 inch strips. You will need 5-10 streamers for each kid playing the game – it really depends on how long you want the game to go on before it resets. For quick matches, use fewer streamers per kid.

Fit each child with a plastic streamer that is tied around his or her waist, like a belt. Tuck the 18-inch streamers into the belt and they are ready to play.

Use safety cones, chairs or something similar to create a border around the water slide. This will help to keep the kids in-bounds as they run around trying to capture each other's flags.

The rules of the game are simple:

  • Every kid must remain within bounds.
  • No kids climbing up the slide. (For safety reasons)
  • Only one flag can be captured from the belt at a time. (Meaning, nobody can pull several flags off in one grab.)
  • The team or individual that has flags remaining after the other team or individuals don't wins.

The great thing about this game is that it keeps the kids active, the bouncy slide provides a cushion to fall onto and the game can be reset over and over during the day. Scrambling to get up to the top of the water slide and cruising down the slide will be even more exciting as the adrenaline pumps harder as the other kids do their best to steal the flags off of each other.

This is just one example of some games that can be played using the inflatable water slide jumpers. Talk with your kids about other ideas that they may have. You could, for example:

  • Use water balloons tucked into the "belts" and see who can survive the game without bursting their balloons.
  • Give the adults at the party a bucket of water balloons to throw at the kids as they run around to give them an additional obstacle to avoid while trying to keep possession of their flags.

The possibilities are boundless. Start thinking today about all of the fun that can and will be had the day of the event.