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Tips And Ideas For A Fall Harvest Party Baby Shower

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Autumn is the perfect time to welcome a new baby in the family, so why not plan a harvest-inspired baby shower for the mom-to-be? You can catch the spirit of the season whether you host the celebration indoors or outside by using a few of these tips.

Invitations to Set the Mood

The invitations are the first hint your guests have about the party mood, so make sure they reflect your shower theme. Integrate the colors of the season, including oranges, yellows, reds, and browns. If you want to incorporate gender-specific colors, sky blue is a complimentary color to fall orange, while deep pinks and magenta complement yellow and brown well. Consider using custom invitations.

Harvest festivals are often family events that span generations, so why not opt for a mom & dad baby shower, instead of the traditional women-only party? If this idea appeals to you, specify on the invitation that the whole family is welcome to attend.  

Picking the Perfect Place

You may have the perfect party place right in your backyard, or you may need to look further than your home for a great location. Harvest parties are generally held outdoors, but you may want an indoor back-up in case the weather doesn't cooperate. Indoor parties may be a must if your area is still hot in fall, since the mom-to-be won't be comfortable in the heat. Seasonal decor, such as pumpkins and leaves, can help set the mood in any location.

Local parks, private or community gardens, or local farms with entertainment venue rentals all provide options for your party. If you opt for seasonal seating, such as hay bales, make sure there are also real chairs available for the mom and others that may need a bit more lower back support.

Fun and Games

When it comes to games, the traditional baby shower games are perfect, with small twists. For example, instead of baby doll diaper races, host a pumpkin-diapering competition. Bob for pacifiers or teething rings, instead of bobbing for apples. For an outdoor party, you can also set up fun zones for younger attendees, or even the adults, such as bocce ball or a croquet course.

Plan the shower at least a month in advance so you can get your invitations out four weeks before the big party. This gives the guests plenty of time to RSVP and allows the mom-to-be time to prepare for this special day.