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Secrets Of Planning A Successful Military Reunion Cruise

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The bond created during military service is a bond that lasts forever. It's common for people remain close friends after serving together, or at the very least attend an annual military reunion. Because former military families are often spread out all over the country, it's common for military reunions to be held in cities that are popular vacation destinations. But, choosing a destination, booking a hotel, and planning an itinerary takes a lot of work. However, you can make the planning process simple by planning a military reunion cruise.

Choosing the Cruise Length and Date

When you're choosing the length of your cruise, the date, and the destination, you need to consider what daily life is like for the people you plan to invite. People who served in World War II, Korea, or Vietnam are either already retired or at retirement age, so they are less likely to have extremely restricted schedules. However, those who served during the Gulf War or have recently completed their service most likely have careers and/or families with young children, so their vacation time is more limited. To ensure the majority of the people on your guest list can attend the reunion:

  • Choose a 3- or 4-day cruise if you're planning a military reunion for younger generations. Also, schedule the cruise when school isn't typically in session. This makes it easier for parents to bring their children with them or find a babysitter if needed.
  • If you're planning a military reunion for older veterans, take a vote to determine the length of the cruise. Because they have less restricted schedules, they might enjoy a 7- or 10-day military reunion cruise. Also, you don't have a school calendar to worry about, so save money by booking your cruise in the off season.

Booking the Cruise

Military families are used to traveling, so it can be difficult to pick a destination that's new to everyone. So, you can either put the destination to a vote or make the decision yourself. If you make decide on the destination yourself, make sure you choose a destination that's affordable. Don't just assume that everyone on the invite list can afford a European cruise.

Once you've determined your destination, contact the cruise line or a travel agent to negotiate a group rate. There's a good chance you can get a discount if you're planning a fairly large military reunion cruise.

Create a Private Social Networking Hub

To make sure all of the attendees stay in the loop, create a private social media group. Use the group to relay information about your military reunion cruise, as well as post the cruise itinerary. Having a private group also makes it easier to determine what type of group activities and excursions to plan.

It isn't always easy to plan a successful military reunion, especially if the people you plan to invite live all over the United States. But, you can make the process simple by planning to hold your military reunion aboard a cruise ship. For help planning your reunion, visit Armed Forces Reunions.