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Need Party Decoration Ideas? Try Balloons For A Festive Touch

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If you’re looking for a fun way to decorate for a party, then think about using balloons. They come in all colors and shapes, so you are only limited to your imagination when deciding how to use them. A balloon delivery company can help you choose the best arrangements for your party and set them up for you, or you can do all the work yourself if you’re on a tight budget. Here are some ideas that might work. Arches And Columns Instead of letting individual balloons move about on their own, bind them together to form tall columns and arches. A balloon arch is a welcoming decoration to put in front of your home. It not only looks festive, it helps people find your house. Plus, with several balloons tied together, an arch has enough stability and weight to stay in place outdoors as long as it is weighted down. To make arches and columns, all you have to do is tie several balloons to a single long string. Make several columns for lining a walkway or intertwine them to form an arch by putting weights on both ends. Surprise Balloons Make your balloons more fun by putting surprises inside them. You can fill balloons with confetti or glitter, so party guests can pop the balloons and release confetti into the air. You could also put small party favors inside. Another fun idea is to put small, colored balloons inside a large, transparent balloon. This makes a colorful decoration with a fun twist because when the big balloon is popped, smaller balloons take flight. You may need professional help when making surprise balloons, depending on what you want to put inside. It can be tricky getting large or delicate items inside a balloon if you don’t have the proper equipment. Other things are easy to slide inside. For example, if your party will be at night, you could put glow sticks inside balloons. Let the glowing balloons float in a pool or rest on tables for a unique lighting effect. Individual Balloons When it comes to using individual balloons, the options are nearly endless. You can fill them with air and attach the ends to a string for a hanging garland, or tape them to the walls. You can fill them with helium and attach them to goody bags or chairs. You can even let them float freely throughout the room. Everyone loves balloons, young and old alike, so they are the perfect way to decorate for a party, especially if you choose unique colors, shapes, and designs. Another great thing about decorating with balloons is they are easy to clean up, unless you buy ones that spill glitter or confetti. The most difficult part is inflating the balloons. You probably won’t be able to blow up all those balloons with your lungs, so you can rent a compressed air or helium canister if you want to do the job yourself. Even though it costs more, the easiest way is to have the balloons filled and delivered to you from a company like Dino’s Party Center. This might also be the best option if your party is more upscale than casual. Then you can be assured your balloon decorations will be the perfect touch for your...

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Last Minute First Impressions: How Your Outdoor Furniture (Or Lack Thereof!) Makes A Difference With Guests

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It is understandable, when you have last minute company notify you that they are stopping by, that you head into panic mode. For some people this means a house that is such a wreck there is no place for anyone to sit down, but if you also do not have patio furniture, you cannot really ask your guests to sit outside either. In fact, if you find that you are suddenly lacking proper furniture for your guests to sit on, you might be leaving your guests with an unpleasant first impression of you and your home. Never fear–there are a few options to help you make a good first impression at the last minute, and have your guests enjoy your outdoor receiving area. Discount Patio Furniture Halfway through the summer, patio furniture everywhere becomes excess that inventory retailers need to liquidate before the back-to-school season. If your last minute “party” outdoors occurs in the last two weeks of July through Labor Day, you can expect to save a lot of money buying really cheap patio furniture. Just be sure that the furniture you buy on clearance and drastically discounted prices is not cheaply made or mismatched, as it will make it seem as though you threw your patio together at the last minute. (Even though that is what actually happened, you do not want to let on that you were unprepared to receive your guests.) Outdoor Furniture Rental Party-planning stores are thrilled to help people out of sticky situations like yours. They have lots of chairs and tables you can rent, and for a small upcharge, it can be really decorative and attractive furniture too. For what it costs you in food to grill for your last minute get together, you can rent a handsome patio set that will impress your guests, and when they have left, you can take it all back. That is definitely something you cannot do when you buy clearance or discounted patio furniture, because retail chains do not want it back after the season is over. If You Need Help It is okay–not everybody has mad decorating skills, and even the most calm party planners feel the pressure at the last minute. You can ask someone in the seasonal furniture department or the patio rental department for help, especially if you need more than just a table-and-chairs set and want something with a little more flair. Party rental and outdoor furniture rental stores may have party planners who can help you select...

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Party Attractions For Your Kid’s Outdoor Birthday Party

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If you’re planning an outdoor birthday party for your kid, then you will want to think about attractions. If you want to make your kid’s birthday party unique and memorable, then this list will help you out. There’s nothing wrong with party balloons and a picnic table covered in a fun birthday themed tablecloth, but sometimes you want to go all out. This list is for those occasions.   The list will be separated into two age groups. The first will be for young kids, everyone under 10 years old. The second list will be geared for older kids. It’s important to choose age appropriate attractions. For instance, you wouldn’t bring a pony to a 16-year-old’s party would you? Attractions For Kids 10 And Under Pony A pony is one of the coolest things you can get for your kids birthday party. You can hire a person to bring their pony to your backyard. They will even let the children ride the pony. This attraction also has the benefit of being educational. The person who owns ponies will, if you want, give a little talk about the horse. They can speak about their diet, why they are small, and their history as a workhorse. Carousel If you’re not too keen about having a real life horse in your yard, then think about getting a carousel. You can get a small carousel. These are miniature versions of the types you might see at a large carnival. While many have the classic horse statues, you can also find other versions that have chariots. Bouncy House A bouncy house is tons of fun. You might have seen them at the playroom in a really well equipped fast food restaurant. They also have them at county fairs. The idea is simple: a room in which kids can go in a jump around and fall down and not get hurt. These houses are inflatable. They come in all sorts of shapes. The company who brings the bouncy house will inflate it in your backyard. You can tell them the size of your yard ahead of time to make sure that you will have room. Attractions For Kids 10 And Older Inflatable Water Slide This is a really cool attraction that brings the water park into your backyard. If that party is going to be in the summer, then this is the perfect attraction to get. The only thing you need to supply is an outdoor outlet for a garden house, everything else will be provided by the water slide rental company.  Here is how it is assembled. A tarp is laid down. The water slide is then placed on top of the tarp. The bottom tarp is used as a “foundation”. When the kids come sliding off the slide they walk on the bottom tarp and back to the rear steps. This prevents your lawn from getting all dug up. The water slide is then inflated in place. The company will have air compressors to do this. Once it is inflated, it will be shifted so that it sits perfectly on the tarp. The final part involves the water. The company setting up the slide will hook up a long garden hose to your homes outdoor water outlet. They will then turn on the...

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Increasing The Fun On Inflatable Water Slides

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Renting an inflatable bounce water slide for your next child-themed event can give kids hours of entertainment, but is it possible to make the bouncy water slide even more fun? Yes, it sure is! Think about some games that can be played on the water slide. Below, you will find one good example of water slide games that kids of all ages can enjoy. Capture the Flag This game can be played one of two ways – as teams or as individuals. If you want to play as teams, you will need two colors of plastic streamers. If you want to play as individuals, only one color is needed. Cut the streamers into 18 inch strips. You will need 5-10 streamers for each kid playing the game – it really depends on how long you want the game to go on before it resets. For quick matches, use fewer streamers per kid. Fit each child with a plastic streamer that is tied around his or her waist, like a belt. Tuck the 18-inch streamers into the belt and they are ready to play. Use safety cones, chairs or something similar to create a border around the water slide. This will help to keep the kids in-bounds as they run around trying to capture each other’s flags. The rules of the game are simple: Every kid must remain within bounds. No kids climbing up the slide. (For safety reasons) Only one flag can be captured from the belt at a time. (Meaning, nobody can pull several flags off in one grab.) The team or individual that has flags remaining after the other team or individuals don’t wins. The great thing about this game is that it keeps the kids active, the bouncy slide provides a cushion to fall onto and the game can be reset over and over during the day. Scrambling to get up to the top of the water slide and cruising down the slide will be even more exciting as the adrenaline pumps harder as the other kids do their best to steal the flags off of each other. This is just one example of some games that can be played using the inflatable water slide jumpers. Talk with your kids about other ideas that they may have. You could, for example: Use water balloons tucked into the “belts” and see who can survive the game without bursting their balloons. Give the adults at the party a bucket of water balloons to throw at the kids as they run around to give them an additional obstacle to avoid while trying to keep possession of their flags. The possibilities are boundless. Start thinking today about all of the fun that can and will be had the day of the...

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